Spiritual Laws


The Law of Abundance

God is love.  You are part of God.  You are love.  God has unlimited love for you.  If you open your heart you will have an abundance of love.  Only you can stop this flow of abundance to you.  If you do not feel worthy to receive abundance you will create a barrier to stop the flow of abundance to you.

If you feel worthy then this abundance will flow to you.  In your worthiness you will want to share your flow of abundance with others.

If you want to have something in abundance – give it in abundance.
If you want to have love give love.  If you want to have a friend, be a friend.

Sharing what you have, your knowledge, your wisdom with others allows your abundance to flow to others and their abundance then flows to others and so on.  You are enriched by giving your abundance to others and this allows you to receive even more abundance from the Source of all abundance – God expressing unlimited love for you.

The Law of Discrimination
To discriminate is not to judge someone or something based on Ego’s societal norms as age, sex, skin colour, education, appearances, religion, etc. To discriminate at Soul level is to listen to your inner voice, your intuition, that feeling coming from a place your conscious mind has not experienced, beyond thought. When presented with a choice discriminate by using your intuition to guide you to make a decision for the higher good of your Soul. Your Ego may be able to persuade your mind that what it wants is beneficial for you. Listen to your feelings, the language of your Soul, to guide you as your real intuition deciphers your feelings and tells you what you should do for your highest good.

The Law of Action

Action alone brings potential into reality.  Dreams, thoughts, good intentions, commitment, courage, love remain good concepts however only action brings them into being.

To turn ideas into action requires intention, commitment, movement of energy and courage because to act is to take a risk. We only grow stronger from our own action – we have to be proactive to determine our growth.  Being reactive is fear based defensiveness.  Being proactive is having the courage to commit to change.

Act or be acted upon – it’s your choice.

The Law of Affirmation

To affirm is to make firm into reality what you want to be. Your thoughts create your reality.  What you believe about yourself and how your reaffirm that continually is what you manifest.

In your affirmations are your intentions for yourself.

If you so desire only create positive words to say out aloud to yourself.  Affirmations happen in the present moment of now.

Effective affirmations are simple ones.  For example, “Now I deserve happiness”, “Now I love my husband/wife”. Then visualize that and act as if it is a reality with constant continual repetitions of your affirmations, with visualizations and actions, as if it was a reality already, then “watch this space” as it evolves.  Affirmations only manifest themselves if you stand in your integrity throughout this process.

When you have achieved what you affirm constantly maintain that affirmation process to maintain the manifestation. It is like rolling a ball up a hill, stop rolling the ball and it falls down the hill.

Make firm your reality – affirm now and in every present moment of now thereafter


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Keep Calm and live consciously

Conscious living is an art form. This is a state where we are questioning everything. We practice this from ages 3 to 10. When we are interested in only the truth. This is achieved through a lifetime of practice. When we free the mind from self doubt, fears and limitations, anything is possible. 

Unconscious living – A state most commonly found everywhere. Where we’re living without a goal, without purpose, like a kite that has no connection with the source. Also known as zombie apocalypse. This is a result of conditioning. A person in this state is easily controlled. Most people who practice the art of being busy (all the time) have mastered this  state. Always in a state of busi-ness…

Meditation is like medication for the mind. When the mind is still, like a lake. Its a state where the soil is fertile and the chances of seeds blossoming in this condition is high. So we need to plant positive thoughts during meditation.

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Warning labels for Spiritual awakening

Warning labels for Spiritual awakening

Nothing Left to Lose; Your ego will throw fits; Let go of judgement and false sense of worth; Surrender completely; Lucid dreams; Life will never be the same again

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Rants and rambles

Its 3:30 am can’t sleep…

Loved reliving the moments of growing up. Spending time with friends and sharing gossip! It was after 17 years that I met many of them and loved every minute of it. Feels like all the memories from my entire childhood are rushing to my head all at once and I’m reliving those precious moments. I am grateful to God for blessing me with friends who are genuine human beings.

Got office tomorrow but can’t sleep!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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